Web Development
Project Overview
Banter is a full-stack Discord clone built with React, Redux Toolkit, Next.JS, TypeScript, styled-components, Tailwind CSS, and uses Firebase to communicate with the back-end. The Tenor API is also implemented to share gifs.
My Contributions
I am the sole developer, designer, and contributor to this project. Everything displayed is my work.

...Technically GitHub displays another contributor to this code repository, but they only made a single commit and a 1-word change. It did make for some excellent version control practice. :)
Banter is an open source Discord clone. The project is still undergoing development and receives daily updates with new features. However, there is enough finished to demo what I'm working on.

With every new project I try to challenge myself, and Banter has been the most daunting challenge by a long shot. I picked up a few new technologies to help me overcome the difficult task: Next.JS, Redux Toolkit, and Tailwind CSS in addition to my regular toolkit of React, TypeScript, styled-components, and Firebase. The Tenor API is also implemented to allow users to share gifs with each other in the chat.

My goal was to get the clone to resemble Discord as close as possible (with some exceptions, such as guest accounts), and that required custom icons. I used Figma to create a logo for Banter as well as recreate some icons that Discord uses in their user interface.

Some notable features that are still under construction: responsive mobile design, dark mode, and voice chat (with WebRTC).
Devlin Rocha
Web Developer
November 2021 - Present