Golden Gate Taco

UI & UX Design
Project Overview
In March 2021, I enrolled in the Google UX Design Certificate.During my time completing this certificate I was assigned to "design a mobile-ordering food app for a food truck in San Francisco".
My Contributions
The entirety of this project was completed by me, from the initial low-fidelity wireframe designs done on paper to the high-fidelity digital prototypes, user research, case studies, finalized mockups, and everything else involved with the project.
When designing the Golden Gate Taco mobile app, I used my personal experience ordering food online to draw the initial iterations of each screen as a paper wireframe. I did my best to take others needs into consideration with the use of techniques like personas and user journey maps. After drawing multiple iterations of each screen for the app, I took the elements that worked best from each iteration and stitched them together to create the first draft for each screen, which I then translated into a low-fidelity digital wireframe.

With the first draft of digital wireframes completed, I turned them into a low-fidelity prototype and began usability studies with 5 participants. After the first round of usability studies, I discovered some user paint points pertaining to order customization, payment methods, and menu browsing options that I was able to improve upon before devoting more time to making any final design decisions.

After addressing the needs of users from the usability study, I refined the design. I took everything I learned from previous iterations and the usability studies to create mockups, focusing on accessibility from the ground up. I chose a font that matched the brands playful tone that was still easily legible for everyone, and a color scheme that matched those same standards! I also took Gestalt Principles into consideration and made sure everything made sense to the eye at a quick glance. I turned the mockups into high-fidelity prototypes, conducted another round of usability studies, and further refined my iterations into the final product. Link to further reading.