Where's Waldo?

Web Development
Project Overview
Where's Waldo is a full-stack photo tagging web application built with React, TypeScript, React Router and styled-components. Uses Firebase to communicate with the back-end.
My Contributions
I am the sole developer, designer, and contributor to this project. Everything displayed is my work.
Where's Waldo is my third React application, but the first one I really pushed myself to go all out and treat it as more than just a throwaway learning exercise.

I was also working with a few different technologies I've never used before - namely TypeScript, styled-components, and Firebase. This was actually my first project working with a backend at all.

Figuring out how to structure the database and getting all of the different technologies to work together was a fun challenge and great learning experience. Link to further reading.
Devlin Rocha
Web Developer
October 2021 - November 2021